Hilarious Skittles interactive viral video

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Now this is pure genius & hilarious!

Skittles brings its distinctive tongue in cheek approach to YouTube interactivity

Masters of the viral hit, Skittles, have taken YouTube by storm poking fun at interactive videos.

A series of five films created by BBDO, Toronto and directed by Woods & Low, ask viewers to ‘Touch the Rainbow’ by placing their finger or thumb on a skittle in the centre of the screen.

The finger then takes on a central role in the dramas, which offers Skittles-inspired take on major movie and YouTube genres such as war epic, romance and this cat-themed piece.

Touch Cat, shown above, is the most popular video so far closing in on a million views (it was only posted on YouTube a few days ago).

The films perfectly suit the tongue in cheek approach that Skittles’ 15 million Facebook fans have come to expect from the brand.



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This ad has to be the most unsavoury TV ad I’ve seen in a while.

Take one nostalgic, heritage brand and morph it into a modern, eurotrash-esque,  soft-porn style advert and you get the new Kimberley Mikado TV Ad!

I can’t believe that someone pitched this let alone sign-off on it……..oh dear!

Innovative TV Ad featuring QR Code (and bizarre ending)

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Axa Bank Belgium have produced an innovative QR Code TV ad (video below).

The ad for Axa’s home insurance iPhone app, shows a house with a QR Code where the door should be and we see something crashing through the house roof!

The viewer is then invited to scan the code to see what actually happened.

It’s certainly innovative and fun to watch –  the ending is hilarious as I’m not entirely sure AXA could insure for this particular incident?????


Funny TV Ad from Cravendale Milk (cats with thumbs)

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This TV ad from Cravendale made me giggle just a tad, only because my cat actually does have thumbs (she’s a polydactyl).


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