Is Your Content Truly Shareable? Media & PR content sharing

It always amazes me how Media, Publishing and PR organisations in Ireland have really weak websites with minimal or limited sharing features.

In a world where content is king, you really want to drive results with your content, so first of all your writing needs to be engaging, relevant and compelling, but more importantly it should be shareable & linkable.

We live in a sharing economy and if you have super content then it should be very easy for your readers to share, it’s really a no brainer – so why do I see big media, publishing and PR organisations with weak sharing tools or features?

A marketers role is to eradicate all barriers for sharing, to make content easy for anyone to consume and share your content.

Good content should always have great sharing tools and deep social media optimisation/integration.

Simple things help sharing like RSS feeds/subscriptions, making videos or infographics sharable by providing embed codes, providing high-res images for sharing/downloading without the need for passwords, allowing readers to Tweet, post to Facebook or their Blog directly from your website.

Media & PR organisations should have social media newsrooms which encourages content to be easily and quickly shared.

All of the above means your content goes viral and reaches the maximum number of people possible. Isn’t that the reason you write and publish content in the first place?

You should evaluate the content you produce on a regular basis and assess its appeal to your audience, as well as how easy it is to share across multiple channels.

I really am not a fan of paywalls for media publishing sites either, surely more revenue can be generated from heavily viewed free sites via advertising than from paying subscribers, plus with free-to-view shareable content your reach also extends further.

If your media website has good content, then I want to share it with other people, but the subscription wall stops much of this from happening.

Your readers are less likely to share content if they have to jump through hoops to get it – make it as easy as a mouse click to share your content!

If you are a PR company do you also distribute your news on a wire service? Do you optimise your press releases for social media consumption?
Do you blog about your news on your website and provide easy ways for your readers to comment, share and link to your posts?

There is a good chance that your blog may reach more readers than the publicity you generate.

You need to get your content into the hands of as many people as possible so are you also posting your news to your Facebook page, using Twitter, posting images to Flickr, uploading videos to YouTube etc?

We are fully immersed in the information age so there really is no excuse to do your business and content an injustice by not making it as shareable as possible.

So it does frustrate me to see companies who proclaim they are best in their field falling down at the first hurdle by ignoring the power of viral and sharing.

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk! Be brave and explore this new world of sharing, user generated content and social media optimisation. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised by the results.


~ by Carol O Hanlon on February 26, 2011.

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