I discovered Pepsi Raw about 1 year ago in the UK.

On the tail-end of a roadtrip through Cornwall via Wales, I bought a bottle of this elusive beverage in an ancient pub in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve not been able to find this surprisingly delish drink in Ireland yet!

Not generally a fan of soft drinks I have to say Pepsi Raw surprised me, it was actually really really nice, natural tasting and refreshing, plus I really liked the minimalist glass bottle and pared down branding.

So Pepsi Raw, why don’t you do the crazy and start selling it in Ireland! Ah go on!


Pepsi Raw takes cola back to basics.
It’s a blend of naturally sourced ingredients with sparkling water to create its lighter, delicious taste.

With natural plant extracts, including extract of Kola nut, which a depth to Raw’s natural taste.

Apple extract helps give Raw its distinctive texture and colour, whilst adding a subtle apple twist for flavour.

Cane Sugar
Cane sugar gives Raw a clean sweet taste

Tartaric Acid
Naturally occurring in grapes, tartaric acid adds an edge to Raw’s sweetness.

Gum Arabic
Extracted from the Acacia Tree, gum arabic helps give Raw its unique mouthfeel.

Light Sparkling Water
With slightly lower levels of carbonation, Raw has a unique lighter sparkle.


~ by Carol O Hanlon on February 8, 2010.

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